"The entrepreneur as a creator of the new and a destroyer of the old, is constantly in conflict with convention. He inhabits a world where beliefs preceded result, and where the best possibilities are usually invisible to others. His world is dominated by denial, rejection, difficulty, and doubt. Although as an innovator, he is increasingly imitated when he is successful, he always remains an outsider to the “Establishment”. He is usually found to be disturbing and irritating, even unemployable for the most part. Yet ideas and dreams of his become the new reality in an ever-changing world surrounding us. If he ever knew the friction and hurdles, he would endure, he might never have ventured. But then venturing is grappling with the unknown well." 

(J Anthony Forstmann, Theodore Forstmann & Nick Forstmann, delivered at the annual Forstmann Little & Co anniversary dinner in 2003 )


Forstmann Capital Partners is a merchant bank and strategic advisory, formed to continue the pioneering legacy of J. Anthony "Tony" Forstmann in the field of entrepreneurship and finance, managed by those who worked with Tony and understand the opportunity and mission.  We identify, incubate and/or invest early in companies that have the capability to drive large magnitudes of change.  The Forstmann Capital Partners team operates in a variety of industries, including financial information, data, business advice and consultancy services, business analysis, research and information services, market research, health and wellness, and real estate.